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Playing the angel

Depeche Mode at MSGI went down to Madison Square Garden to see Depeche Mode. They were brilliant. A 2-hour set, where Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and absolutely rocked and Andy Fletcher as always, somewhat understated, played on. They played both from the "Angel" and classics. The boys have grown up, but have not grown old, the NY audience was the best, Dave had everyone reaching out to touch, rocking with can't get enough.

Two encores and it was over, the boys took a bow, and Dave did his personal jesus impression(click picture).

John the revalatorI was soon back in the car and heading towards Central Park, I decided to head over to the West Side Highway, cut across Central Park South, round Columbus circle and headed up a few blocks. It was only then, just before midnight I realised the significance. I was on the back corner of the Dakota building, 25-years before within the hour, John Lennon had been shot.

John the revalator, would have seen the irony: "Angels with silver wings - shouldn't know suffering - I wish I could take the pain for you - If God has a master plan - That only he understands - I hope it's your eyes He's seeing through." - Precious, track-5, Playing the Angel - Depeche Mode.
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