Big blazeI feel cheated. I had a great dinner out with the team the evening before, got the 23:53 train back from London Bridge with Fish' and after a somewhat slow walk back to the house had a drink of water, set my alarm for 6.45a.m. and collapsed in bed slightly the worse for wear at 1.40 a.m.

At 6 o'clock something woke me, not sure what, I got up, kinda muddled mind, looked out the front window through the blinds saw nothing, and went back to bed for another 45-mins snooze before going cycling. My son woke me up at 9.40 a.m. to tell me he was going to work.

Last night at the Tri-Force club swim session and all over the weekend I had to listen to people recount their experience with the big explosion over at the oil depot at Hemel Hempstead. Given we are just over 5-miles from the terminal, as measured with Google Earth, I should have been part of the experience. Alas, four glasses of red wine, a couple of Vodka and cokes and no damage to the house and I missed it all :-(

Still, I can remember where I was when I learned Lennon had been shot, when Armstrong stepped on the Moon, when Di said "I do" to Charles and I was there when Gorbachev was under house arrest in 1991 and when Hurst scored his third and Wolstenholme said "They think its all over..."
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Great Photo
Hi Mark,

You've not put your one's from the Ride out to Buncefield on Sunday yet though? I've got a fairly decent one of the remains of one of the buildings with a tank that didn't explode in the background if your interested?

Re: Great Photo
Paul, the pictures I took on the ride didn't come out too well, I think my hands were so cold Suunday morning that I must have pressed the low res button...

I've posted the images Here and Here.