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Training Logs

Well its that time of year, time to decide if I'm going to switch training logs for next year or stick with my current one. I thought I should have kept a log of my tests... but I didn't and have abandoned three already. However, one possible winner seems to be Athletix from NormSoft.

Runs on Palm devices including my Treo 650. No waiting around to log training details until I get back to the PC. Heck since I use the Treo as an MP3 player out on runs, and as a phone/camera/MP3(yeah I know..) while cycling... I have it with me on rides/runs.

It is pretty good, has seperate data entry for rides, runs, swimming, health, cardio workouts etc. You can add both locations, types of workouts etc. It has a useful and customisable set of graphs for all workout and other entry types. It can be set-up for Enlish/US or metric measurements. I'm only on the free 15-day trial and will either wrap and scrap after the w/e, or buy then.

[I've find one thing that looks like a bug. Having set my units of measure to English(ie miles), it says in the docs you can change the unit by exercise type, so for swimming I'd like meters but it doesn't change. I've email their support and will take that into consideration when deciding to buy(or not).

Update well it turns out not. If you click directly on the measure you can change it and the distance is automatically converted. All very, very, useful. especially since the totals are kept in what ever unit you use for the last measure. So, say you normally enter miles, but do a race measured in Km. You enter the race in km and it changes all the prior data to match. If you want data kept in one particular distance or other just edit the entry and change it and they are all switched. This doesn't allow you to keep data in mixed distances km/mi within the same activity, but I don't see that as a bad thing. You can of course keep different measures across activities. So km for swimming, and miles for running, cycling etc.

I got a response from Normsoft tech support within 3-hours, pretty good!]

You can try it to, its available here:
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