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Bike or Shite? The most objectionable thing on the footpath?

Here in St Albans(Roman by name, Roman by nature, historic by attitude) there was a long drawn out battle over the summer between some leisure cyclists and the foot soldiers over cycling on the paths in Verulam Park. I didn't really pay much attention as heck the last place I'd want to cycle would be there, fight the geese, the buggys, the dogs etc.

However, the complaints about sharing the footpath came into stark contrast this morning when I went out to do my normal 7-mile run circuit.

I was heading up Highfield Lane on the footpath and some distance ahead was a horse+rider, not such an unusual thing here since there is a farm less than a mile away that stables horses and provides lessons. Anyway, as I approached the horse came to an abrupt stop about 30ft ahead and promptly let the contents of last nights straw and at least four or five buckets of water out, all over the pavement(aka the sidewalk for my US readers!).

I have to say, this was probably the most disgusting thing I've ever had to deal with. There was almost no where to go when a car came past as I got within 10ft of the horse, it was either tip-toe through the puddle and avoid the mounds, or risk jumping out in front of a car.

Next time someome complains about cycling in Verulam Park, I'll tell them, they can have the horses from up here, they appeal to the sort of people who go walking in the park, and since the footpaths are already covered in Canadian Geese shite they'll hardly notice the difference.

Ah the joys of the countryside.
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