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Seear does it!

Maxine Seear
The Australian Olympic Selectors now have a job on their hands... Maxine Seear did indeed win todays Perth triathlon and Rina Hill the runner-up got the Olympic slot.

It's the classic Olympic selection nightmare, its not what you know but who you know, and the Australian selection process is rigged, as is the GB process, to select who you know. Nepotism doesn't apply since I don't think "relations" are involved.

If nothing else, the selectors must pick Seear, even if she doesn't live up to expectation in Greece, imagine how valuable that experience will be when it comes to Beijing in 2008! We'll see...

Of course, Seear isn't a binary choice, either she goes or she doesn't. If she does go then Emma Snowsill, 2003 World Champion, dual world champion and Sydney Olympic silver medal winner Michellie Jones, as well as new mother and 2000 world champion Nicole Hackett won't be going - what a choice. So it really does come down to who you know...

All of a sudden the smartest kid on the 2004 Olympics block is... Michelle Dillon, how hard would it have been to qualify for the Australian squad now ?
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