triman (triman) wrote,

Annual 5k Walk/Run, IBM Armonk HQ

IBM Armonk 5k Run/WalkPhoto_101305_001.jpgToday was the 4th annual 5k Run/Walk around IBM Corporate HQ in Armonk NY. As far as I know it was restricted to employees only and becuase of problems with some of the internal security gate problems the start was delayed by 15-mins and it was starting to get cool and dark.

However, about 35-people lined up for the start, few actual runners, most fun runners and a few walkers. After a brisk start I found myself in the first 5 and after a few big hills out to the gate on Route 120 and back, it was only on the last hill I realised with a good last push I could keep clear in 9th. And thats how it finished, 9th in 24:30.
Tags: races, running
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