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An open response to Palm for Treo 650 support and downloads

Palm LogoI recently submitted a online customer support issue to Palm about missing software for my Treo 650 when I downloaded the latest Treo 650 Palm Desktop from their website. I got a very detailed response but it wasn't any use. Basically they know the software is missing and are not going to do anything about it. I should re-install from my original CD.

As always Palm emailed me and asked me about my "support experience" - Here is my reply:

Problem not resolved. Although I received a comprehensive email reply, it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

It is still completely confusing to me that Palm distribute the Palm Desktop for my device from their website that doesn't contain all the drivers that the original did. In my case the photo conduit for the Treo 650.

It is no use to tell me to go back to the install CD. The idea of a quad-band phone phone is that you can travel the world using it. I find myself in the UK with my CD in NY and a new laptop system to work on.... surely it isn't beyond the wit and wisdom of a smart company like Palm to figure out that this is likely to happen... I've been exchanging email with at least 3-other people met through the Internet that have had the same problem.

It would be understandable if we were talking about software that could be downloaded and used for a purpose other than what Palm intended, but this simply isn't the case with the Photo conduit... It only works with the Palm Desktop, Palm Hotsync and a Palm Device.

Imagine for Apple did this for iPods... sorry you can't get video downloads or convert songs without going back to your original CD. Wake up guys this sort of cheap treatment of existing customers will hurt you in the long run!
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