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From Arche to Arc and beyond

So I arrive Paris late morning, weather is cool but ok otherwise. Paris is a strange place to run. I'm sure if you are a local aka a Parisian, there are some great places, but for those visitors with no local knowledge, it is pretty hostile.

The traffic is everywhere and what isn't on the roads seems to be on the footpath, mostly parked but not always. Given I'm out at La Defense, my choices were some what limited.
1. run around the footpaths and underground walk ways - the only problem with this is the trash and crap everywhere. and yes I mean human excrement.
2. run down to the River and along the footpath for some distance and then back. I've done this before and while in some key places there are good paths, in most it can be a real game to dodge to cars.
3. so, off the footpath and I decided to run along the road from the Grand Arche at La Defense to the Arc de triomph.

About 10-mins into my run, I encounter Parcour. taking advantage a quiet stairwell and a nearby walled garden the free runners were bouncing off one wall onto the stairwell and then jumping up onto another wall. This was although simple, practised and rehersed time and time again. some of the guys made this look effortless. very impressed, onwards and in just around 25-mins I made the 5k to the Arche de triomphe.

I went around it, and in a fit of peak instead of going back and doing fairly close to 10k, I carried on down the Champs Elysées, I needn't have worried about the cars, now the problem was dodging the people. Stopped on the way back to take the picture of Arc. Before I knew it I was back at La Defense after a 10-mile run... strange thing, where had all the traffic and the people gone? Not the place to stay on Sunday....

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