Secular versus Ecclesiastical (BTA politics question)

Big Bopper wrote:
Isn't this the separation of chuch and state (elite and age-group funding) that you are after?BB

Not really. While you could argue this separation is one that would leave the people who run age group triathlon and sport development to their National Governing body, it ultimately introduces a whole level or two of additional bureaucracy, aka the suits. It also allows for bt to become an unelected quango who are largely unaccountable except to their paymasters in UK Sport, but who still largely control the funding that is passed down to the NGBs.

So, this is NOT my chosen solution. Ultimately I'd like to see as much of the funding available to triathlon to go to education of coaches, referees, coaching of youth and junior, strong central negotiation with local authorities, land owners, rights of way, safety and water access. Most effective organisations in most businesses are centralising and reducing duplication while outsourcing non-core activities.

As someone observed here, the AGM yesterday was shambolic and amateurish they forgot to appoint scruitineers until they'd already called for the first vote, there was no AOB, they didn't formally close the meeting etc., the organisation is in disarray on many fronts, the politics have gone nuts, at the same time the business is being run like a 1970's grab and run outfit. Stretch your organisation as far as you can to make sure you own everything you can by doing it yourself instead of drawing up contracts and hiring experts in the field to implement things the most efficient way possible. There are loads of examples of this...

Norman used the issue of the limited amount of age group funding to defend why any number of things couldn't be done, yet at the same time their limited online membership offer has ceased because they are unable to work out how to change it for their current 18-month offer. In just a few months anything from 1500 to 3000 people are going to be trying to join and the BTA will be processing many if not most of these by hand. Not only is that inefficient but it also costs the BTA lost income while they process the money inefficiently. There is a perfectly simple, low cost non-BTA UK solution to this;

kit supply can also be outsourced probably at a small cost, but it would easily be saved by the time it frees up for people in the office to actually work on core issues; typing entries into the race database could be done elsewhere; the web site didn’t have a staff list for thw ehole of last year, and has already been updated since Jas took over ( Almost no website I know of is run on a real webserver, they are all run by ISP's and the web site manager just maintains and uploads the pages to the ISP. I personally run five websites and have never seen the buildings they run in, let alone the servers they run on; sure massive companies like Tesco, Barclays et al run their own, but even many of theirs are not owned and run by them. The BTA bought their server and it sits on the floor in the Loughborough offices.... instead of licensing the National Championships to professional race organisers with sponsor rights, they are spending the organisations own money and bringing the race organisation in house, the list goes on and on..

What ever happens with the NGBs, either bt will force this to be duplicated 3x by delegating responsibility, and making the NGBs do it themselves or will continue to do it inefficiently centrally... so personally I don't think this is the right solution as it takes money away from the real need for it, development of the sport.

But then what do I know. They laughed in my face yesterday, yes Mr Mark, very nice ideas but only a D+, go away you silly boy. Me bitter? Na... just hate to go around encouraging club members to join the BTA knowing that some of their money will just be wasted, which I do, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”.

Ps. Anyone want to put a spanner in the works, is available for 10-quid, as is triengland and tri-england. Wouldn’t you think that someone would already making sure this sort of thing was tied up?

Pps. Finally got back in the pool tonight, enough of the BS, great start to the drills got cramp in my calf after 40mins bad enough to pull out. Still it’s a start.. more on Wednesday.
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