Fiona Apple not live, Cold Play not interesting

Went to see Cold Play and Fiona Apple Sunday at the Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa. Traffic nightmare, show started a 8pm, arrived in the arena at 8.35pm Fiona Apple had already finished. Much disappointment.

ColdPlay started at 9.10pm, apprently the locals have been complaining(whats new) and the concerts have to finish early. Chris Martin apologised numerous times for an earlier cancelled concert, and while they played well live the highlight of the evening was when he fell over and nearly fell off the stage. Still, sporting a nice perm(been there too Chris), he got up and got on with the show!
St Pete Times Concert review
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The perm
Actually it has been pointed out by more than one person that Chris's hair is naturally curly...


Also, Sean Daly music critic on the St Pete Times emailed me and said Fiona Apple started well before 8pm and played the following set:
1. get him back
2. better version of me
3. shadowboxer
4. criminal
5. paperbag
6. tymps (sick in the head song)
7. oh well
8. limp
9. fast as you can

So at least I didn't miss my favorite, Never is a promise...