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Triathlon England Regional Commitees

Unlike its’ parent organisation, Triathlon England, the regional committees are constituted with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. As noted earlier the committee members are elected by members residing in or being a member of a club in the region. Also unlike its’ parent, the regions are required to have an AGM.  

This requirement disenfranchises ALL non-resident members that are not members of clubs as they have no process to either vote for or stand for the committee of TE, nor are they then able to vote on business of the regional committee or TE itself.

Regulation-39. defines a voting structure for Clubs within a region. It is not at all clear from the other regulations how the club voting, and weighting factor will be applied. Given a TE Region committee need only have three members and a large club within that region can have three to five votes it is assumed that it is intentional that a large club can override the wishes of its’ TE Regional Committee at anytime. It is not defined how a clubs vote should be used and by whom it shall be carried. For example, if I show up at a TE Regional Committee meeting, uninvited, it would appear that if no one else from my club is present that I can vote on behalf of the club. This must surely NOT be what is intended but is what Regulations-39, 40 allow.

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