triman (triman) wrote,

Triathlon England

A new organisation body is proposed to run the activities of triathlon, duathlon, etc. for members with in England. Its’ budget is set by the BTF Board, not the BTF Committee.Triathlon England Committee

The Triathlon England Committee is made up exclusively, according to the documents available, by the Chair of the nine Triathlon England regions. It is very different in principle from both the BTF Board and Committee – Regulation-23. asserts that minutes shall be taken and circulated,  but there is no recognition or requirement for the position of secretary for Triathlon England; the same applies to financial management for Triathlon England – while it is required to set budgets within what it has been given by the BTF Board, there is no position required for finance officer or treasurer.

Also, unlike BTF meetings, Triathlon England meetings can be attended by telephone, or at least this is inferred in Regulation-30.

There is a reasonable conflict of interest(COI) policy in place for the Triathlon England committee, however, the regulations don’t pass this requirement down to Regional committees, which seems a missed opportunity. 

Accounts – None appear to be required for Triathlon England, although this could be an omission. However, another interpretation could be that Triathlon England is in fact not given any money at all, and all monies are passed directly from the BTF Board to the Triathlon England regions under approved budgets. Where this is corrected, the correction should also carry a regulation making them open to inspection by ordinary Senior Members, club or unaffiliated on 30-days notice.

Voting – For the Triathlon England committee it seems to be a straightforward one region one vote process. The Chair is already a committee member by way of being a Regional Chair and thus only gets one vote and does not get a casting or second vote. Minimum attendance for TE committee meetings is five. Regulation-27 allows the committee to invite people to attend its’ meeting, and Regulation-30 appears to allow any person “present” to vote.  

Minutes – As per my earlier comment. Regulation-23 appears to require minutes to be taken and circulated to all TE Committee members, all TE Regional Committee members and to BTF Board members. It seems odd that this doesn’t include BTF Committee members. There is no discussion about availability to ordinary members, nor to publication on the web.

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