triman (triman) wrote,

Why re-organise?

As far as I can tell the proposed re-organisation has been bought about for two main reasons:

I To follow a UK Government lead initiative to broaden participation in walks of life by devolving organisational responsibility down to a regional level. I chose my words here very carefully; people often claim these sort of initiatives devolve power. Where budgets are set and managed externally, where decisions have to be ratified by another abstracted organisation, it does no such thing. It merely gives the appearance of devolved power, while giving the controlling organisation the structure, rules and authority to minimise the amount of control relinquished. Initiatives such as these are taking place in all aspects of UK life, and are partly driven by the UK Government but also from the European Union. There are examples in agriculture, education, health and most importantly sport. You can find similar initiatives in Cycling, Athletes and other UK Sports looking for funding from the UK Government through Lottery and/or other programmes. “He who pays the piper plays the tune!”

II The British Triathlon Association has asserted “eminent domain” or authority as the national governing body for triathlon as an accident of history rather than by design. The current BTA represents both English triathlon and UK/GB internationally. While this is a minor anomaly for age group athletes, it presents a number of more serious funding and organisational challenges in elite and development programs. This does need to be redressed by creating a formal English triathlon organisation that can operate as a peer to Triathlon Scotland (TS) and the Welsh Triathlon Association. The question in my mind for the proposed changes is are TS and WTA getting the power and assurances they need in order to remain independent organisational bodies
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