My knees

It's official.. I've got two ;-) One of them has the meniscus removed and shows sign of severe damage to the knee cap. However, there is still no bone on bone contact but as a result of my weight and the continued pounding of running it isn't in great shape but nothing needs to be done yet. There is some possible relief from non-steroid injections if it becomes constantly painful.

The other knee shows much more clearly on the x-ray CPPD aka pseudogout in the joint, which both have and other areas of my body are also likely to have. There is no cure for this, its described here amongst other places

From time to time it will flare up and this is the pain I get. At those times I just need to take Ibruprofin to help with the swelling and pain.

The prognosis was that I should (of course) stop running. However there is no outlook for how/when this will get worse, not like last time with my ankle back in 1991. So basically I can help by loosing weight and taking Ibruprofin prior to long runs to help with fluid build-up in the joints which is what causes my knees and probably hips to stiffen up.

So there you go... in a funny way, a green light to keep running.
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