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Hard-Fi in operation

Saw HARD-FI Saturday night at Warsaw in Greenpoint, or as Richard Archer kept calling it Brooklyn... they were ace.

The venue was little more than a 1920's music hall stage with an open floor and no seating, there where maybe 150-200 people there and HARD-FI were on fire from the start. It must be really hard being a tour rock band trying to make it, they have a gruelling tour schedule and I'd heard that at their Janus Landing concert in St Pete they were still good but only about 30-people showed up. Must have been a real dose of reality for the UK's current number-1 band.

However, they never let the tour get them down and played and worked hard. The set was great, can't remember the order but they did a 3-set encore which included Richard playing Better Do Better alone on stage. Realistic lyrics, lots of energy and the small venue made this probably one of the best concerts I've ever been too!
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