Ready to Escape from Fort De Soto

Well the training has gone well, this week I've done 66-miles on the bike; a 10k run and a 2.5k swim session and a most enjoyable Yoga session Monday night.

The good news is the new bike is functioning well. Fit is nearly perfect and I'm getting comfortable riding in the new position. Bad news is the 28-mile hilly ride to/from work is hardly good training for the flat lands of Florida for my first three races this year, still can't do me any harm.

I travel Friday to Florida and Saturday morning early its the first triathlon of the year, Escape from Fort De Soto. I've done it for the last 2-years and its a great race in a stunning location. Last year I was 24th in my age group, and 258th out of some 700 competitors.

This year my aim is a bit higher. I'm looking to break the magic(for me) 1hr 15 barrier for a proper sprint(1/2 mile open water swim). My previous times have been 1:18:58 and 1:16:43 but I may not make it as they've revised the run course and apparently its now close to a 4-mile run... so I figure given my knees and legs that sub 1:20 would be a good result.

The race organizers have included the Google Earth locater that I sent them on the directions page for the web site, check it out HERE
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