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The Finish line for British Triathlon

Well I've finally found time to do a point by point read through and comparison of the draft proposal with the final version put to the membership. While some change in the final proposal is welcome, it doesn't go nearly far enough and in many places it goes way too far.

I have to say "Vote No". Let them rethink until they come up with something more akin to an independent Triathlon England with its' own budget, own secretary, treasurer and AGM or congress, and a seperate umbrella organization that manages the elite program, Olympic selection procedure and development strategy and NOTHING else.

I see that USA Triathlon has a resolution up
for a vote on electronic balloting. You can read it here.
Now, if this were being proposed as part of the reform of the BTA, along with a decent "sunshine" policy that encouraged and supported transparency and openness it would be worth even me coming back from the USA to vote.

The Triathlon England proposal includes the possibility of “online” voting at a regional elections but doesn’t say how this will be implemented and it certainly doesn’t offer the
possibility for the various committees etc. to vote electronically or online; rather voting their HAS to be done by a “show of hands” and you have to be “present” – so this online clause was added at the last minute and poorly thought through.

Instead we are getting more flat-cap, voting in smoke filled* rooms.

*OK so the rooms are more likely to be High-5, SiS filled but you get the point. I've just read the revised proposal and it has barely tips its brow to openness let alone transparency. Still, we can always show up at Regional meetings if you want to find out whats going on. Or at least what the region has been told, and what they can do within the limits of a budget passed down from the btf to Triathlon England to the region.

Why does the Chief Executive still have a RIGHT to attend meetings of Triathlon England and Regions? Surely if there is a question of strategy, procedure, legal, accounting or otherwise the Chief Executive should be invited and not be able to impose?

And don't get me started on the congress... anyone remember the last New Labour "congress" ... disagree with the Chair and not only do you have no right to speak but you are likely to get forcibly removed and even if you don't get removed you have no right to vote, or in fact simply no rights.

Can you point to the section in the MOA/AOA the "Annual Congress” is defined? When it is, who gets to speak, what they get to speak on, how you can speak, what you can speak on, who gets to vote, what do you get to vote on ....

Don't forget, the ITU has an Annual Congress and look at some of the things that have happened there. Over the years there have been a number of procedural and voting irregularities because of interpretation of the "rules" and "articles". Looks like the BTF wants to follow the
same model...

Rights are enshrined in a constitution or memorandum of association, rules etc. For English triathletes you have the right to attend a regional meeting; you have the right to stand for a regional position; you have the right to vote on regional issues; that’s all - nothing

Promises and good intentions are only as good as the people who make them, one day they are there, the next they are gone.

It is for these and many more reasons I personally couldn't support this proposal and urge 2006/7 members to vote against the proposal by attending the EGM. Remember, the EGM can't propose alternative solutions, corrections etc. Its either a vote for or against, the time for discussion has passed.

My earlier analysis can be found here.. Objections 3, 7, and 8 have been addressed in the final version of the proposal, but this still doesn't address the most important objection. No independent Triathlon England; Vote No!

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