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St Anthonys, swings and roundabouts

Well, what looked like a horrendous outing in St Pete, turned into a great "day at the office". The water was still up, 3-4ft swell and some pretty tough winds on the bike course but overall a pretty pleasing course ending in a PB for an Olympic distance triathlon.

Results were posted promptly, and a few good numbers. My swim was pretty slow, but given the conditions I guess OK, I had the 8th fastest T1 from the age group, the bike went well, although a few blasts caused a few swerves, I thought about changing to a standard front wheel but decided not to, probably right. Probably a good decision in the end. The run worked out fine, slow but good, only 4-minutes outside my PB for 10k.
Stats for the event:
100 out of 224 in my age group
1181 overall out of 3056 competitors
Swim: 32:39 132/224
T1: 1:27 8th
Bike: 1:13:01 66/224
T2: 1:41 40th
Run: 58:31 159/224
Overall time: 2:47:17

The 23rd anniversary of the St Anthonys triathlon saw a big pro field as well as many Florida based and ex-pat, as well as visting competitors. Leanda Cave(GB) was 3rd in a strong women's field, 1-minute 8-seconds behind winner Becky Gibbs Lavelle(USA) in what was a tough swim, Abi Bailey(GB) 15th some 8-minutes back. Nina Kraft finished 5th in what was her come back pro race. Michelle Dillon was a non-show.

The mens race was won in a record time by Rasmus Henning in 1:46:14, withy ITU Points leader Hunter Kemper in 2nd, 40-seconds back also faster than the old course record. Duncan Mckerracher(GB) was 22nd, 10-mins back.

The swim in Tampa Bay looked like it would be really tough, with many age groupers deciding not to even start and a few taking more than and hour, it was a lot calmer on race morning than the day before. The pro times though don't really reflect the difficulty of the swim or the wind on the bike.

Mckerracher and Bailey from the BTA "long distance" programme leave in the morning for the St Croix 70.3 race, no word on Caves plans.

Pro results:
Age group results:
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