Seear in, Robertson in!

Seear in the winning way!

Well the Australian selectors did it, they picked 19-year old Maxine Seear who came 2nd and 1st in the two qualifiers over Emma Snowsill, 2003 World Champion, Michellie Jones, and Nicole Hackett.

If I was a betting man I'd put a tenner on the appeals process kicking in before the end of the week! The Australian newspaper interestingly reports "TA scheduled its Olympic trials early this year to allow time for any appeals to be exhausted before the final team is nominated to the Australian Olympic Committee in July"

In other words, don't worry about picking the athletes when they are in their prime, lets pick them early enough so the lawyers will have finished wrangling before the team has to leave for the games!
Selectors face devil's alternative

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