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Long Island (Half) Marathon - DNS :-(

Well I was really looking forward to a fast time(for me) at the Long Island Half Marathon, to be beat my time of 20-years ago by 30-mins or so but it wasn't to be.

Tuesday I felt really poorly on the drive to work, I threw up in the bathroom about 11am and left for the day after nearly falling asleep at 1.00pm. Next morning I was truly sick and stayed in bed all day except for necessary excursions to the bathroom. By Thursday I felt weak but getting better, Friday I felt good and like a fool I decided to go out for an easy ride Friday evening. Of course and easy ride turned into a hilly, hard, 28-miler which I really enjoyed and jumped off my bike and did 1.5mile run around Tarrytown Reservoir.

Friday evening before bed I felt a little twinge in my groin and Saturday morning I woke up with a full blown cold and what felt like a pulled muscle. I went and registered for the Half Marathon but only felt like a 30% chance I'd do it. When I woke up Sunday morning it was 8.10am and that was that, even if I wanted to go I'd missed the start.

Today I feel a little better, but am now getting anxious about my fitness for the Florida Half Ironman race on May 21st. I'm pretty sure I'll throw off the cold by then but am concerned about the groin pain. Its moved today and I'm inclined to think its not muscular but a result of catching some virulant stomach flu or somesuch and its actually swollen glands... fingers crossed.

Either way its thrown my taper/training plan into disarray. No last long ride; no fast half marathon with two weeks to go; no swim sessions. Oh dear...
Tags: health, life, races
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