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While I'm waiting for Goldfrapp to appear(more on this later) time to catch up with things.

First back at the start of the month after a great event at St Antonys, I got viral flu. have not been that sick for a long time. Put me out of action for nearly a week including an all important training w/e.

Didn't really feel up to much until last Friday while in Menlo Park, CA. got up early jogged the 2.2 mile around the Bay Trail over 101 to the pool at Burlingame High school and did any easy 1-mile swim followed by a Jog back. Felt ok after, got flight back to NY.

Saturday went out with the Westchester Cycling Club B+ Hilly and Headwinds ride. Took a while to get warmed up but felt good from about 20-miles onward. struggled a bit on the hills but on the 10-miles back into the SUNY parking lot pulled the pack along at a steady 25MPH. After riding back to White Plains, I'd clocked a steady 64-miles at 17.5 MPH. Good result.

Sunday sayed in bed until about 11am reading the NY Times and then set out for a 12-mile run up Lake St, across Cooney Hill and down to Kensico Damn and back along the Bronx River Parkway. tried out a new pair of Sauncony Grid Hurricanes but laced the elastic a bit tight.

Ran well to Cooney Hill Ave, set off down the hill, only to find a guarded gate half way down. Dept. of Homeland Security guarding the White Plains reservoir. No through road, no way. Given I'd just run probably 3-miles round the outside on a public road unchallenged I can only wonder what they were protecting from me. Still better to inconvinience the few than the many, and the Tax payers must think this, like the ineffective TSA checkers at airprorts, is a good investment...

Nothing to do but turn back and run the sameway back, don't want to risk evevrything by doing an extra couple of miles.

Sarah Reinertsen, you are an IronmanBuffet lunch afterwards at Zanaros in City Centre, read the March issue of Triathlete magazine, no matter how often I feel sorry for myself over my leg and recent health scares, there is always someone who inspires me to just get on with it. Sarah Reinertsen story is not new to me, the first female below the knee amputee to finish Ironman Hawaii. Bill Crews though, how has heard of him ? A Cancer victim, finished a half iron distance race in 6:14:13, truly inspirational. I shed a tear...

Next time I feel down, or as I get passed on the run and wish I had two good legs... no more feeling sorry for myself.

"Get in the middle of a chain reaction
You get a medal when youre lost in action"

Half Ironman Florida, I'm ready for you...

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