triman (triman) wrote,

Half Ironman Florida - hot to trot

Well I've arrived in Orlando and been down a racked and registered and I have to say I'm underwhelmed by the legendary Ironman experience.

They had us park in one of the main Disney lots and promised buses over. There were Meares buses but they did everything they could to disuade athletes from taking their bikes on. Lots of excuses... the guy behind us had just his bike and his 4-yr old son, we all walked the 1.5 miles to the village along with most everyone else.

The village itself was pretty small, just one main vendor and a few specialist booths.

The registration process was a shambles and I assume someone will get a rocket when its all over. we were told we HADto fill in USAT forms even if we had licenses and for the woman in front of me who wasn't a member, they never took the day license money. Weird.

In the village I caught up with AJ, he was looking fit if not a little red eyed. He said he'd only got in at 1.00a.m. but was ready for the race.

Racking looked as if it would be pretty cramped if everyone showed up. 50 bikes in my section on what were 4 racks. Run in from the lake is along a barked pathway, not ideal but run out to the dismount is on grass, should be ok.

After a quck look at the lake, it was time to go. The temperature was already in the low 90's and it was only 12.30. Still hopefully I will be finished by this time tomorrow.

My race number is 1525 and my start time, 6.53. With a bit of luck I will be done in 32 mins swim, 2.30 bike and 2.30 run plus 5-mins transitions, 5.37 which will be 12.30... what a coincidence... the time now...

After hunting aroumd for the shuttle bus back and being sent in circles by the ever so helpful but useless staff, there was nothing for it but to walk back. Crap organisation... I'm glad I'm not a 4yr old.
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