Life Time Fitness race Series

It is hard to guess where the ITU will stand on this, or for that mater USA Triathlon. Its a relatively big money series for professional triathletes. The races are the existing major city races New York in July, Chicago in August, Los Angeles in September and the series final in the Minneaplis race in July 2007.

This is interesting for a few reasons:

1. The ITU has previously raised concerns and even had a motion on its' Congress over the LifeTime Fitness sponsored Battle of the Sexes equalizer which specifically pits men against women over the same course. The LifeTime Fitness press release clearly says the final will be hosted using the equalizer format.

2. With the Olympics on the horizon again, and with the ITU representing triathlon at the Olympics will this split athlete loyalties? The qualifiers for the Championship final not only get a shot at the Million dollars in prize money, but also get their airfare and lodging paid to attend the final.

3. Previously the Life Time Fitness event has been held on the same day as the ITU Cornerbrook race, Cornerbrook being a perennial favorite destination of ITU President Les McDonald. No specific date is given for the Life Time Fitness final... This years equalizer is on July 15th, neatley sandwiched inbetween the ITU Edmonton and Cornerbrook races.

Lifetime Fitness Press Release
Lifetime Fitness 2006 Battle of the Sexes
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