Keeping your own house in order

One good reason why the BTA/BTF restructuring proposals were not a step in the right direction was, in my opinion, becuase it forced the same people who volunteer to do more.

I've long opined that anything that increases workload of individual volunteers wasn't a good idea, and the real problem was that triathlon was a high intesity sport that only has a small oldguard, and as a high intensity, and highly demanding sport, it wasn't likely that this volunteer base would grow. Very few people stay in the sport long term to compete, and once they stop competing even fewer stay around to help it grow and support it.

In the last 10-days the BTA itself has posted confirmation of this, announcing on its' web site that both the West Midlands and South West Regional comittee meetings were either postponed or abandoned becuase of attendance problems. That makes two of the nine English triathlon regions that are struggling to keep their own schedules, let alone contribute to the running of Triathlon England, participating in BTF committees etc.

Something to ponder as revised plans are constructed.
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