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HealthNet Mossman Triathlon

Ouch my neck stingsIt is hard to explain how wet this event was. For what should have been a fun, technical and relatively fast Olympic Distance Triathlon turned into pretty much a wet nightmare... no dream here!

The race started promptly at 7 a.m. with a mass start, the air temperature was about 61 degrees, and the water slightly cooler. The swim was about 1/3rd of a mile out, around four bouys and then back in. It was uncomfortable but not too rough. I got a wetsuit rash on the back of my neck and a little on the front.

A short run up the beach and into transition and out, it was raining by now, onto the bike, by the time I'd done the first mile it was pouring, what was effectively a "flash-flood". It pretty much lasted for the whole bike, and on some stretches it was like cycling through a river. At one point it was so heavy I couldn't brake for a right turn and ended up hoping up onto the pavement and cycling about 20yds before dropping back onto the road. The bike was 3-loops, and about 26.87 miles. It was so wet, I never even put my glasses on.

Coming back in on the bikeA quick dismount and when I got to my rack I got my shoes out the bag and they were nice and dry, but that wouldn't last. I struggled with my shoes, grabbed my drink bottle and headout with my socks in my back pocket...

After a short run parallel with the beach and then onto a trail heading north, within 50ft it was into a large puddle, actually a small lake... feet absolutely drenched, shoes full of muddy water. Yuk, a short run and then into another puddle, then another. After the first mile it was onto a sidewalk and the water wasn't so bad the rest of the way around. Shame we had to do two laps.

Glad to finishI felt strong on the way back in on the run, possibly becuase I hadn't been able to max out on the bike because of the rain. Slow by most peoples time, but only 1:22 outside my 10k PB.

Despite the rain, it was a good event. No matter how wet it was for us, it was just as wet for the volunteers, and they were great! Many apparently HealthNet employees, way to go. Well done to the organisers, results and event pictures already posted. I'm looking forward to the SoBe Sprint Mossman in July, hopefully it wont rain!

"Gob smacked" that the winner finished in 2:09:12, and in my age group 2:18:16.

There is a report online about the race here and it contains the claim that "There were several bike crashes and twisted ankles due to the slippery conditions."

Age group: 6th out of 12
Swim: 28:50:00, 35th
T1: 1:11, 15th
Bike: 1:22:14 for 26.87 miles, 34th(3rd in age group)
T2: 1:03, 31st
Run: 56:16:00, 73rd
Total: 2:49:31 47th out of 86

Mossman Triathlon location via Pininthemap/Google Maps
Event website
Full Results
Race Pictures
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