triman (triman) wrote,

On a clear day!

View of Bear Mountain Lake from Perkins Tower.Did what I probably classify as one of my best ever group rides today, whole ride was cool, low 60's, started on Route 9 near Isle of Iona on the Hudson River NY.

Went up through Bear Mountain State Park into Harriman State park, climbed over 4,800ft, fantastic downhills lasting miles in some cases, mostly along Seven Lakes Drive. At the end, half thr group did the optional 2-mile climb up Perkins Drive to the lookout at the top. Fantastic view, you could see Manhattan 30-miles away!

Definately going back with lunch on a warm day...
Total ride time: 3:13:53
Total distance 52.29 Miles
Average MPH: 16:18
Max Speed: 43.8

Perkins point lookout via Google Maps
Tags: training
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