triman (triman) wrote,

Training day

Whoah... back to training. Todays effort was the 2nd day of a 2-day Steve Trew training camp at the Gutterman Centre in Aylesbury.

The centre has undergone a complete make over since I was there a few years ago, pretty neat place given the location. On arrival the Trew camps was already underway, words from the man on positive mental attitude. About 20 triathletes, usual mixutes of people in attendance inc. Sian Brice, Pip and Sarah from Tri-Force, Jason and Ruth, Rebecca from triathletesdiscussion, John Levison, Simon Parker and numerous others I recognised by face if not by name.

Training for the day consisted of a warm-up session in the pool followed by 16x 100 sets, with each odd set being a drill and the even set being full stroke done at 80% effort, given the guys I was sharing the lane with that was 100%

After a quick shower it was off to set up the bike on the turbo, and then a long warm-up followed by a set of 6x5-min hard sets, 2-min recovery and another 5-min.

Finally that it was more sage thoughts from the man and then pack up and off for coffee and a chat before leaving!
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