IBM Armonk 5k

It was that time of year, time to traverse the hills inside the IBM Corporate HQ compound at IBM Armonk, just outside Armonk village.

The race is organised by the onsite Fitness Center, its free entry and usually 35-40 show up and run. It's a difficult 5k run, after a 50m stretch out from the Health centre its pretty much either up or down hill. Last October in the fall run, I did 24.30, I'd hoped for sub 24 but it was very hot and humid when we started at 5.35pm, as we went down the first hill I was in 5th, by the time we got up the first hill I'd dropped to 7th and that was pretty much what happended on each of the three major hills, I dropped 2-places.

I finished in 25:46 and 13th place.
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