Jane Tomlinson Unsung Hero II

Jane Tomlinson who I last came across at Ironman Florida in 2004, has arrived in America for her staggering effort at riding right across the USA from San Francisco to NY.

For the record Jane has terminal cancer, and so far survived a number of major chemo treatments and hopes to finish the ride in NY on the 6th anniversary of her diagnosis. If Lance Armstrong was doing this the roads from one end to the other would be lined with people, Jane and her team are managing on miniscule budgets and little sponsorship so far.

I hope she does it, and has a great time despite the effort required and her cancer, she deserves it more than anyone. She was featured on the NBC Today show today, the video can be seen here. Assuming they make it to NY, I for one will be going down to cheer her in!

This is a picture I took of Jane coming through T1 and getting ready to go out on her bike at IM Florida in 2004... go girl!

If you can, donate with whatever you afford here. As Jane said in her interview on the Today show, the money will be staying where its raised, so in the US for US contributions and the UK for others. Watch the interview...

Janes progress and the Family blog here.
Janes donation page, UK/US here.
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