Loyalty pays off

,Funny subject really given that I'm in the process of getting divorced afyter 25-years of marriage and I flew this week to go pack up my stuff. Sigh. The irony never hit me until I sat down to type.

Anyway, some of my friends are quite sceptical, even dismissive of brand loyalty programs. I'm big a on few Hilton Honors, Hertz #1 and American Airlines are my favorities as I used to be a serial traveller.

This week my American Airlines programme paid off big time. I've been a AA Executive Platinum member for probably 4-years, if not more. For my trip back to the UK from JFK I'd used one of my electronic VIP one-way upgrades to go from discounted economy to business class. How delighted was I when I got to the gate to hear my name called and I'd been bumped from business to first, very nice.
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i'm sorry to hear about the divorce. i don't suppose flying first class really takes the edge off, but it must be nice.
A footnote on this, I flew back from the UK in business class, another VIP Upgrade came through. Nice, very nice.