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Isn't D before E?

After the euphoria of the St Albans triathlon, today was the dispair of the SoBe Mossman triathlon. Lets get the excuses out of the way in order first:

1. Left race bike in UK; using Cannondale R800 road bike that the saddle height is still wrong on(see MiamiMan entry last year for the start of this).

2. Rolf Vector Pro rear wheel bust a spoke a few weeks ago. I had to bring spokes from the UK to get it fixed and hadn't ridden it until today. Went to pump up the rear tyre and there was a small tear near the rim... probably done by the bike shop that fixed the wheel. Sigh. There wasn't much I could do and I decided I'd race with it like that. As I went towards transition the tube blew. Rich Tallberg of the Road Wrench replaced the tyre and tube in less than 5-mins, I was last into transition.

3. A quick run down the beach to catch-up and get ready for the wave start. Sat quietly watching the first 4-waves go, when it was time for the last wave, mine, I stood up, zipped up my tri top and the zip came right off... d'oh. Only the 2nd time I'd used it.

4. Lined up with a straight run at the first bouy. Out about 200yds and then along the beach nearly 1/2 mile before turning back in. This was the ruffest wave start I've ever done. I'd figure there was no more than 50-60 people but it was a zoo. I got kicked, grabbed and someone actually held onto my ankle before the first turn. After that it spread out and I made the last bouy in good shape, turned about 12ft from the bouy, so plenty of room, still got a kick in the stomach and some guy punched me in the side of the head as his arm went forward, ripped off my googles and swim hat. Do'h... managed to grab the goggles and hat and swam the last 200yds with them in my hands... I knew those fist drills came in useful for something.

5. Blew T1 bigtime. As I was last into transition before the race, I racked my bike and ran. Which meant when I came back in for T1, I couldn't remember where it was...

6. Out on the course it was the classic too many competitors in too few waves bike course. The bike was two loops and there were competitors all over the road... 423 and I blitzed through the course racing off each other but never drafting. We took it in turns to yell at people to keep right and passing on your left. I'll be surprised if I don't have a top-20 bike...

7. Back in transition for T2, guess what? Yep, if I couldn't find my spot to collect my bike, I had a harder time finding where to put it back... Still a good dismount and quick run on the grass put me back in front of 423 and it stayed that way until at least a mile into the run.

8. Thats all, no more excuses. Actually I had a good race, I was outside the top-3, my age group was won with a 1:03 time which was outstanding.. most of the other male age groups had slower win times.

So actually, by keeping calm I pulled what looked to be a disaster out f the fire and put in a pretty good race. Didn't enjoy the run, but think I did ok.

Onwards though, next week its the last ever "Longest Day" (TLD). When I started triathlon back in '99, this was considered to be the UK race to do. Since its the last one I'm going to do it despite not having even kept up my half IM distance training, and TLD is a full IM distance race. Plan is to blast the swim and the bike and just hope I can do the marathon at the end. Hoping for cool weather!

A couple of last plugs. Well done to all those who finished IM Austria today, especially Chris "Kitman" Morris and the Tri-Force massive. Also to Richard Tallberg of Road Wrench. If you are in the Norwalk area, give Richard a call on (203) 650-2624 he'll come to your place to work on your bike!

Full results online.

Overall pos. 124th, 426 finishers
Age Group pos. 20/42
Overal time: 1:18:57

Swim time 16:55,
223rd overall, 25th age group
T1: 00:54, 31st overall, 5th age group
Bike time: 33:45, 41st overall, 9th age group
T2: 00:53, 54th overall, 13th age group
Run time: 26:30,
264th overall, 37th Age group
Tags: races, triathlon
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