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Lost in space...

Good news on the laptop front, they are "overnighting" a loan laptop that I can use while mine goes off for repair.

Not that is much new in the triathlon world ... On the other hand not having a laptop has its' advantages, Instead of rushing out to do e-mail and catch-up on news as soon as my morning business session finished, I went to the pool and fifty lengths later I sat in the sun and finally managed to read the Sunday Telegraph picked up at the airport.

Interesting article on the US Presedential elections this year - who'd have guessed that Bush and the top three Democratic candidates all went to Yale within four years of each other.

If Kelly goes on to win the democratic nomination, who'd have guessed that the two candidates for the US President were both members of the same, elite, almost secret society... Skull and bones. Who'd have have thought! Conspiracy theory anyone?
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