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Well its just like the first time all over again. In fact it is the first time all over again.  I've signed up for The Longest Day triathlon back in the UK this weekend.

It's called The Longest Day becuase it is a full ironman distance event. When the organisers announced that this year would be the last year they'd run the race, I just had to sign-up. When I started in triathlon back in 1999 in the UK, this was the race to do. The only IM diatnce race in the country, it was long, it was tough and it had great organisation.

Those things are still true, but it is not a WTC organised race and so it doesn't have the Ironman brand and marketing machine behind it. I was able to enter just a few days ago, and as far as I can see from the start list excluding the relay entries, there are only some 160 of us starting.

The reason for my concern is that since the Disney Half Ironman I've done little or no long distance training, working on my speed and in the last 2-weeks, little training at all. So now on Sunday I'm going to have a crack at an Ironman distance race, for no other reason than to say I was there, (hopefully) that I finished the last longest day.

Although I'm notriously bad at predicting any long distance times, here is my plan:
75-mins for the 2.4 mile swim, take it at a comfortable pace
6hrs-15mins for the bike, go as fast as possible bt make the most of the aid stations to refuel, hydrate etc.
6hrs-30mins for the run. I ought to be able to walk it in this time with a few jogs where I can.

Which should give me a time of around 14-hours. Given the cut-off is 15hrs 30mins, I should be able to finish as long as I don't have any injury problems, use plenty of sun protection given the UK's curent heatwave and stick to my nutrition and hydration plans.

Race website:
Stuweb for results:
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