triman (triman) wrote,

Free at last, free at last

Free from the ties that bind I found I had 90 mins this afternoon freetime. What to do ?

Swim in the bay ? Na.. Water of dubious quality and besides I'd look stupid and there was probably a law against it. Which leaves running or cycling. Its too hot for running and that's my excuse.

I'm about 1/2 mile from the hotel before I make my first wrong turn but I'm soon back on the right road and out on Davis Island nr Tampa...

After I've rounded the airport and I've just got the map out to try to work out where next. Suddenly another cyclist passes me, time to jump on the back and get directions. Turns out its an out and back, just under 8-miles.

I was near the end of my first loop, looking down at my bike computer I was surprised I was crusing at 24mph; turn at the end and start on the loop back - yet again I look down and I'm doing 24mph and feeling comfortable - at the end of the loop I check time, watch., computer and sure enough I did the whole 7.49 miles at an average of 23.6mph. Not a staggeringly fast time for many but a good 2.5mph faster that I'd ever done before for even 5-miles.

I wondered why this was ? I didn't take long to figure. First the whole loop was completely flat not so much as a ripple; Second, the road surface was excellent for cycling, smooth and even; third there were no real bends, no stop signs; no lights - and I wondered, how many places could you find like this in the UK ?
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