The Longest Day

well just a quick post. I finished this ironman distance today in 15 hrs 23 ,mins. and some odd.

it was very hard especially as I had not trained for anything longerthan the June Dsney Half.

more in the morning.

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good job!
Hi Mark, we were watching your progress all day today. Congrats on the finish! It got up to 108 degrees here today, so we stayed in.

Peggy and George
Re: good job!
Thanks Peggy. It got into the low 90's out on the run course, a huge learning exercise for me, if I want to do that again, time to do the training!
great to meet you and sorry i wanst there at the finish to cheer you home, had to get back to put the babies to bed. WELL DONE on the finish.
steve aka dre
Re: Hi
Dre, completely understand... great to meet you and all the other TTers.

Was good to meet you and see you at the TLD sorry I missed your finish but I had to leave to get home.
Look forward to meeting you and chating with you soon.
Much respect to you for finishing.
Scott aka scottg ( tritalk)