Rider down

Overall I've been disappointed with my Garmin Forerunner 305. You can't swim in it. It supposedly leaks and if worn on the wrist while swimming won't pick-up the satellites. Then, the battery life on a brand new, fully charged unit doesn't last for just the bike and run parts of an Ironman. Sucks.

But today I found a great use. I wore it on my ride, and using the new Motion based player for the output I can relive my bike crash again and again and again...

So, after a good 20-mile ride yesterday, my legs felt fresh and so I turned up for a pack ride this morning. There were about 25 of us, when we got to the junction of 54 Ave South and 31st St South, a big chunck of the group peeled off down 54th to put in a longer ride. Keen to go out on a run after the ride I stuck with the short group. Just after the light we soon got back to 21-23MPH, I was 2nd in line settling down behind the leader, next thing I knew I was scraping along the road on my backside. Ouch! No real harm done, I have a huge road rash on my right "cheek" and my bars need retaping.

CrashWhen I got home I uploaded my data to Motionbased. You can clearly see the crash on Google Earth, and then looking at my Heart Rate and speed data, down I went!

Right at 29:57, while cruising at just over 21MPH, bang back to zero. My heart rate stayed up for about 6-mins while I pulled myself together, checked over the bike, checked my injuries.

The good news was that of the 15-guys behind me, only the last one also came down. Its horrible when someone goes down in a pack, its like watching everything in slow motion. Thankfully no serious damage to bikes or riders. Of course I was the "butt" of all the usual cyclist jokes about bumps in the roads etc. They can be mean "muvas" when you crash in a pack.

If you want to relive the ride, thanks to Motionbased, you can see it here. You can zoom in and then press play, it will move the satellite map or picture around. Watch the Heart rate and speed in the table row above.

Now all I've got to do is stop by rear from weeping in time for Saturdays Top Gun Triathlon. Neosporin+Pain relief and CVS 6x6 patches to the rescue. The worst thing about crashing? Having to wear boxers to bed. d'oh!
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yikes! i'm glad you're ok.

it's nice that you found something positive about your forerunner, i guess.
That's cool. Too bad your forerunner sucks otherwise.
I've never gon down in a pack, but I am always afraid of it. It's like driving on the freeway... you never know what the other guy's gonna do. I've been clip a couple of times, but never gone down. Yikes!
Hey Mark,

I know that feeling, happened to me in a pack in Amstel Gold Race, I got side swipped. Thankfully I ended up in a muddy ditch so didn't have to endure the joys of road rash on my Arse!!.

As ever v amusing reading your exploits

(few photo's from the relays on there)