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Top Gun, well not this year

Fred and Joe put on another great race at Fort De Soto, the Top Gun triathlon - after my IM distance Longest Day and Thursdays bike crash it was great to get back to sprint races and make sure everything was still working.

Yep, everything was working but things didn't quite go as planned. I got a late entry and the racking for the high numbers was absolutely jammed. Bad news is that I got a 2-minute position penalty for placing my bike one place over when coming back into T2, bummer. The swim was a short 1/4-mile in the gulf which went well, I avoided the jam at the front my my 50-strong wave start by starting on the far right and swimming at an angle to the first bouy.

Another top-10 transition(T1), actually wasn't so good. I had to run the whole way through transition to get my bike and had a short distance to the mount line. Out on my old GT5000 training bike I soon picked up the pace and got my feet in the shoes, but t wasn't a classic ride at De Soto. The GT is a complete road bike set, and sized for comfort. Which makes the Profile Jammers not the most comfortable to use except for short periods as I'm too stretched out. Still, as far as I'm aware I picked off maybe 10 from my age group and only got passed by one.

I had a faster T2 as it was short distance with the bike, quickly powdered my run shoes which I'd forgotten and then out via the far end of ransition and out on to the run course. Disappointingly my lack of run training showed through on this sprint 5k/3.1 miles. Half way up the sand trail I was starting to tire, by the turnaround at the top I stopped for a brief walk, then a pee, and finally a run into the finish.

The party afterwards was great, the bathrooms and showers not only plentiful but immaculately clean.
Stats for the day:
Total time: 1:08:47 + 2-min penalty = 1:10:47
Swim: 6:45 156th overall, 13th age group
T1: 1:03 7th overall, 3rd age group
Bike: 28:10 102nd overall, 17th age group
T2: 0:52 45th overall, 8th in age group
Run: 32:19 , 30th age group
Age Group Pos. 23/42
Overall Pos. 237/659
Distances: .25 mile swim/10.3-mile bike/3.1 mile run

Garmin 305
Powered up the 305 and left it on the bike bars during the swim; on the way out of T1 I pressed start, out in the first few miles of the bike I switched the Polar to the back of my shorts and put the Garmin on my wrist. Should have put the Polar on my tri-top strap. Somehow I think I must have pressed the wrong button on the Garmin coming back into T1, never got the run at all. D'oh. I'm really not having a lot of luck with it. Also, back connecting it up via USB I'm having continued contact problems on the docking cradle.

See the Garmin 305 data via Motionbased
Official Results
Fort De Soto via Google earth
Race Website
Official Race pictures
Top Gun 2006 video
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