Inaugural New York City Half Marathon

Heading down 7th towards Times Square
How often is it you get to run with 10, 241 of your closest friends(OK, I never knew any of them) down 7th Ave. into Times Square?

I did the inaugural New York City Half Marathon this morning, and it was great. The picture to the left isn't so great because I was actually running when I took it as we headed down 7th towards Times Square,

It wasn't a great NY Summers Day, although if you watch the Mens elite/pro's in this video there doesn't seem to be any rain, by the time we came to exit the park after about 7.5-miles, it started raining and poured as we went down 7th, into Times Square but eased off as we went out to the West Side Highway.

Given what has become a systemmatic lack of preperation, I wasn't surprised to start fading around 10-miles, I had hoped(as usual) to beat my PB, I don't know why though since I hadn't run anything over 8-miles in serious training, and only one long-slow run of 10-miles since much earlier in the year.

Given my feet were wet from both the rain and the puddles on the NYC Streets, I wasn't surprised to have a couple of blisters at the end. What was surprising was the food available after the race. Apples and the well known food of champions popsicles. Over all I'm really pleased to have done this race, but it needs some work before next years.

For a start, I never got a race t-shirt. When I went to register Saturday afternoon all them had were a big pile of XXL mens shirts and an abundance of womens shirts. While I'm sure that a few XXL men must have done the race, they clearly messed up on the t-shirt ordering. Lots of guys very unhappy... after all this wasn't some cheap local race run by a small club. The was the worlds largest running club(their claim) with Nike as a title sponsor and the regsitration held at Nike Town in mid-town Manhattan. How could they get the shirts so wrong ? An really, outside the USA if you buy bagels, they are sold as NY Deli style bagels. A bagel would have been nice yesterday, cold and wet, a popsicle wasn't a good idea...

Stats for the day@
Time: 2:09:47(PB2:04:32)
5k: 29:50
10k: 1:02:53(33:03 5k)
15k:1:36:09(33:16 5k)
Finish Positon: 6,8677th

My race via
NYC road Runners video link
NY1 Video report
ABC Seven report and video
Full Results
Race Pictures

Next up, Montrial Triathlon Festival, Olympic Distance race, September 16th
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Congratulations on taking the picture while running, let alone running the race. Very interesting ! Hopefully I'll be taking pictures of something interesting soon, after I figure out this 700P. Thanks for your help!

Donna Mueller
What is AG time/place etc. I've never seen that before. I like the report. That's pretty cool. Is that from you Garmin?
AG is Age group. I didn't look to see what the age groups were given I was so far down mine :-(

Yes, the account is the free one you get with a Garmin 305 and others I believe. The free account only allows you to access your last 10 stored workouts.

In this link you can see my complete bike during a triathlon, from mount to dismount, even the points where I slowed to do my bike shoes up. It has some fantastic promise but so far I'm still not convinced.
man, for what they were getting for an entry fee, i'd go back and demand my shirt!
I say old chap pip pip and all that what!

Geez i cant even write in pommey anymore.

That Garmin is pretty cool. Its not worth me getting one though. I'm too tech retarded, it would end up in a draw un opened like my i pod.
Finishers t-shirt
Well the commercial powerhouse that is the NYRR is moving on, despite not providing a t-shirt on Saturday it hasn't stopped them emailing me to suggest I impress my friends and celebrate my finish in a t-shirt, cost $20.

Race entry fee $70

No race t-shirt

Finishers t-shirt $20

For races other than New York Road Runners, Priceless

Furtunately they provide an unsubscribe link, so hopefully no more spam.
Congrats on the 1/2 marathon. I thought about doing it, almost registered for a different one on the same day, and ended up doing nothing. :-) Good thing though, I hate the rain. Anywhosy - I'll be doing an Oly on Sept 17 in Sag Harbor, LI. We can mentally cheer eachother on!