Back on the road

There is nothing like a mediocre result to get the wheels back on the road. Recently I've had a few and have decided that if I really want to make the most of the Montreal Triathlon Festival on September 16th, I really ought to do some proper training. I've had mediocre results at the Top Gun triathlon and the New York City Half Marathon following my IM-distance, Longest Day triathlon.

Usually it takes an age to recover from an IM-distance race, so mediocre perfomances would be acceptable. However, in my case I won't accept that. There was one big difference between the "show-up and take-part" and the train and race approaches to an IM race. Because I hadn't trained for it, I wasn't capable of pushing my body hard enough to really need a long recovery. The worst injury I had were two whopping blisters!

So, this week the training started. I've done a 2000m pool session on Tuesday; Thursday a 1.2-mile open water swim at White Pond, and today did a 70-mile relatively hard ride out from White Plains up Route-22 to Brewster; from there it was Route-6 to Route-202 and then hammer it as best as I could down Route-100 back to White Plains. I really started to struggle after 50-miles. While I could up up to 22-23MPh on the flat parts of R100, I struggled to hold it, and was definitely tired on the hills towards the end.

Still, it is a start!

Todays ride on MotionBased
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Funny you should mention that, its my birthday on the 23rd and I've been looking at the Zipp Clydesdale 808 wheelset...