Back on the road II

Managed to get down to Austin for the Labor Day weekend, very, very interesting place. More news on Austin to follow shortly. Managed to get out for one run and a swim. For the run I went out from the Capital Place hotel(which was actually pretty good and in the process having various upgrades) down to the hike and bike trail.

I just went some 3-miles along the trail on the north shore of town lake. The trail was fascinating, I've run on it before, but only on the south side and only as a means to get to Barton Springs to swim. My run was Sunday morning. The trail was packed, in places it was busier than many 10k races I've done. A constant flow of people in both directions. Very encouraging. Always someone to chase, someone always over taking you.

When I got up to the bridge at Mopack, which seemed like a good place to turn around, I was even more surprised to find local runners shop, RunTex, had put out eight large drums of water for the runners etc. Very nice idea. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the place was packed with people warming up, warming down, getting water etc. And no, it wasn't a race.

Plan for the rest of the week is to do a 2.5km swim session, 80% of race speed, a couple of 90-min bike sessions, and a 10k run; Saturday I'll try to get out for an open water swim followed by a longer bike. Sunday I leave for Montreal.

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