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Seriously back on the road - Montreal

Well it's the start of a mad 10-days. I'm up in Montreal for a business conference, and about a month or so ago decided to enter the annual Montreal Triathlon Festival, the Olympic/Standard distance race.

Then to finish the season off, I'm heading back to St Pete Florida for the Sand Key (Sprint)triathlon up at Clearwater. This was the only race in 2005 that I won an award, so should be a good test of my fitness a year on.

Somewhere in between though, I've ended up having to go to Warsaw in Poland to give a keynote at a big business conference, so the 10-days ahead looks like this:

Saturday 16th: Race in Montreal
Sunday 17th: Drive 360-miles back to NY
Monday 18th: Fly to Warsaw via London
Friday 22nd: Fly to Tampa, FL via London and JFK, NY
Sunday 24th: Race Sand Key, FL
Tuesday 26: Fly to Austin, TX

Now thats a road trip.
Tags: montreal, places, training
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