Confused about business travel

So after yesterdays trip report on connecting through London Heathrow airport, I'm now busy in working in Poland. I woke-up at 3.15am, then again at 4.05am, 5.20 and finally decided to get up and risk going for a run while it was still dark in a town I didn't know. Never happended.

Left all my race gear and bike in the back of the car at JFK ready for the mad rush from JFK to Lagaurdia on Friday to catch the flight to Tampa to compete in the Sandkey triathlon on Sunday. 'Fraid I left my running shoes in the car as well. Oh well, thought I'd go for a swim instead... nope, goggles in the car as well. SO I couldn't sleep and couln't train - I hate business trips.

But then again, the Hyatt Regency in Warsaw is one of the best hotels I've been for a while. Stunning bathroom and breakfast this morning was both great food, highly efficient service and plenty of good looking young people, I was probably the only person over 45 in a packed restaurant. Nice.
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so frustrating! but at least (i hope) you left the stuff in your own car and not in a cab.