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Paint and paste

In "Confused about business travel" the other day I wrote that the Hyatt Regency was one of the best hotels I'd been in, in a while, and that there were plenty of "good looking young people".

Well yesterday I found out why, the promotional banners started going up and even more beautiful people were standing around in the hotel lobby, both the Hyatt and especially the Polonia Palace Hotel where I was speaking at a conference. Yes, the Miss World competition was in town for the final on September 30th!

I'm not fussed either way about the competition, I don't much care for watching it on TV as its dull as ditch water and makes the women look stupid, on the other hand I don't really understand why the politically-correct crowd have done their best to run it out of most old-money economies and tried to get it banned completely. Still, I've got to admit there were some stunning women ...

On the other side of the street, I met-up with some colleagues at their hotel, the Novotel in downtown Prague before going to dinner last night. Apprently, here there was an Avon cosmetics distributors meeting, and while waiting in the lobby hundreds of female distributors, dressed up to the nines in their evening wear went out to catch coaches to dinner, a different type of woman entirely!

All good fun and yet despite the eye-candy  I'm still confused about bsuiness travel. I bought all my running gear and my speedos along with the Garmin 305 and docking station. Sadly, I forgot mt running shoes and swim googles. So mark this up as a no training week. Might account for the fact I'm still having problems sleeping, had to get up anyway at 4:45 to get to the airport, shame I woke-up at 1:52, 2:30, 3:15...

Only regular travellers will understand the frustration of leaving things behind. You either forget to bring them, or leave them behind in the hotel. I've done more than my fair share of both this year. Anyway am back on the plane to London, from there it's AA flight to JFK, quick dash up to Lagaurdia and a final flight down to Tampa. Total travel time today should be something like 20-hours. Sigh.
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