Big up for Laguardia airport security

So, despite some delays I made to St Petersburg for Sundays Sandkey Triathlon. It was a bit rushed getting checked in at Lagaudia after rushing up from JFK, but I had some time for a bit of fun.

I realised that in my bike box I'd left a CO2 cartridge in my underseat repair kit. I took the cartridge and stuck it in the bag in my kit bag that I was taking through security with me, just to see...

Well, as it turned out Laguarida were up to the job, and it turned out to be a mistake to have put the CO2 cartridge in as they also took my bug spray, two bottles of sun creme and a bottle of deep moisturiser. D'oh.

Still, I ended up with my lip balm, moisturiser and toothpaste from the AA Flight from Tuesday.
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