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For the next few weeks

I wrote the bulk of this post to apologise to smw380 for not being able to get down and see her this evening before leaving NYC. Yes, I'm moving to Austin. Having finished the email, I thought it would serve as a good place holder for the next few weeks while I'm taking the long way home.

I've already hooked up with a few of the Austin based lj triathletes, triathletebigomizmizuno, in hindsight I should have been more forward when I first came to NY. My training has almost been completely solo, and it was only towards the end of my time here that I really met any of the triathletes up here. Sigh...

I travel a lot, but am hoping to get this under control with the move to Austin. I have a pretty intense job which is way above my normal comfort level, so if I'm going to keep up with the triathlon something will have to give and to be honest after 9-years of mad travelling I'm hoping to stop the world and get off.

Its not done yet though. Next 2-weeks, Tampa tomorrow, Orlando monday, austin Friday. Just finished packing my training bike for the trip. Then on the 22nd its up to Toronto, evening of the 23rd Corporate jet to Las Vegas for important meeting; 26th back to Austin, hopefully to find a place to live...

So if I don't post much in the next few weeks... well I'm doing what I do, travelling with my bike, seeing places and wishing I was at home, only I don't have one anymore, just the hope of a great new one.
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