Living in a box...

My stuff in storageYes, it's official, I'm living in a box. Well more accurately a storage center. All mystuff arrived from NY and the UK. The guys from Grabel corporate moving did a great job and got everything into the storage unit with what appears to be no damage or lost items.

I moved my bikes myself, and since this picture ws taken on Saturday I moved my white Cannondale R800 training bike and my Scicon bike box in, along with another suitcase of my stuff. So everything I own is now in this 12x15 storage unit except the stuff I bought with me in a suitcase to Toronto. I had to be very careful what I took to storage etc. as its not on the way to the airport and so remembering at the last minuteI needed something would be a disaster. So not me at all then...

Things are not going well on the house hunting front in Austin. I found great place to live but made a serious mistake trying to get a mortgage through Bank of America. First off they slaughtered my credit rating during the application process, doing a 3B credit check they hit my Transunion credit rating four times, costing me 15-points off my credit score. Second, they have just just got more and more confusing over their documentation requirements as I'm a non-resident. It's got to the point where I think I'm going to give up with them.

 triathletebigo - offered to come to the rescue, and put a pretty decent case together. However, I'd guess that given the price of the house and that I was on the margin with BoA, I wouldn't be able to afford to go down his route and it wasn't fair to put him through all the work and then find out I couldn't afford it. One more route to try. Hey Oscar see you on the 8th if not before!

So, in the meantime I'm between the office, the storage location and various hotel rooms. Toronto today, Vegas in the morning and back to Austin probably Thursday.
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sounds very stressful. try to have some fun in vegas, at least.
You should check into the credit reporting companys. When banks do a credut report for the purpose of a mortgage any reports within a 30 day period are considered as one.

Do not tell them you are an immigrant. The banks want to lend you the money. dont make it difficult for them. Just fill the forms in and put US citizen. NO one ever checks this. And you know I know that!
Thanks for the hint. Which is all well and good except as you know I've only got 14-months of credit history, makes things a little tough to explain when you are looking to borrow almost half a million...

Still I've dumped BoA who I'm sure had good intentions but couldn't answer a straight question and have the corporate equivalent of ADD.
I spoke with my mortgage lender the other day and told him about your situation. Although he is here in GA he can do loans in Tx. This guy can work miracles and is very deligent on returning calls and being incredibly patient and helpful. He isnt a broker he is a lender with a bank, so hes not looking just to farm your loan out. If you want to talk with him his name is Jeffery Heckman and you can contact him on his toll free number 866-328-2733.

You can mention you got his number from me. and Im known well enough by English Roger!
Thanks Roger, I'm sorted though. Its been a massive learning experience though. It wasn't my non-resident status that was the problem, it was not being able to provide 2-years of credit history and my companies employment online system, which shows I've only worked for them since 8/05 and my salary is $1.00 - both of which are part of a dummy entry which just records me as an Intenational Assignee