Austin: Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Got out at 7.15am today to go swimming. Headed over to Stacey Pool on Live Oak, only to find it didn't open until lunchtime, and closed at dusk becuase the lights were not working. Oh well, nothing for it I thought, I'll go over to Barton Springs and do a real open water session.

I drove down past the "future" house and the realtor had changed the sign to sold, so thats a good omen. The road was quiet, but the Cuban bakery wasn't open yet.

When I arrived at Barton Springs there were a few cars in the parking lot, I grabbed my stuff and went in, entry is free before 9am, but at 9am they clear the pool and you have to pay to get back in, so  I was in plenty of time for my first real swim since the Sand Key race.

The water was definately cold to start with, but I soon got used to it. I started off well and kept my form for the first 8-lengths. After that I'm not sure if it was my form or my will that went. Just when I started out on the 9th length I collided head on with a guy in a wetsuit. Funny, I'd just looked up and he was crossing in front of me, I guess he must have corrected. On my way down I was trying to decide if I'd really bit my tongue in the collision and when I looked up I was really surprised.

When I first got in there were only four other swimmers, now there must have been twenty or so, so for the rest of that length and the one on the way back I was more heads up than normal and I'd lost my concentration, time to get out.

Back at the hotel parking lot Austin had come alive. Already in the high-60's, the sky was blue, there were big crowds on the Congress bridge watching the rowing, across on the green there was an outdoor Yoga class, and as can be seen from the picture below taken on my phone, they were playing beach volleyball.

Oh yes, life is good in Austin and its only 9:30am.!
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wow, that's a gorgeous house!

is barton springs a lake or a river or what? it looks amazing. i want to move to austin!
Barton Springs is a natural spring that has been dammed up at the far end, they let water out as the same rate it comes in so there is never any decrease in the depth. The water is on average 68 degrees all year round. First time I came here was just before the Marathon in February.

The first time I came here, I couldn't believe you could come in and swim for free, the air temps were quite cold, the water was steaming... There are two major Tri shops and a massive bike shop within a mile of Barton Springs; the spring empties out into town lake which has a 17-mile hike and bike trail around it... this place is heaven for triathletes... Its taken me the best part of 6-years to get here... only time will tell if it is worth the price I've had to pay!

Although despite the fall in the house prices every where else in the US, they are still going up here!
Well the house prices and apartments are much cheaper than NYC, although getting more expensive. The place I'm buying is less than half price what it would have been in NY... apart from which you couldn't have found anything like it...

It took me a while to get here, but with careful planning in a few years who knows...
ah-hem... the first time you went there was in April, 1999...

I'm waaaaay jealous you live so close to barton springs!!