triman (triman) wrote,

Travel Buddies

I was up in Pittsburgh last week on business, on the way back from Pittsburgh to Austin my travel buddy was Dwight White.

I've sat across the isle from Sting, been the straight guy sandwhiched by the Queer Eyes, flown with Anthony Andrews of Brides Head revisted, he was well, in charge. Sat next to Luis Guzman, who never said a word in 7-hours, Boogie nights indeed, and then there ar the hundreds of unknown people, the travelling public. Only once before has a "famous" travel buddy been interesting, I travelled to the UK with Alvin Hall who was as extroverted in real life as he is on TV. He was engaging and interesting. However, the problem was when I started talking to him I already knew who he was.

In contrast, Dwight and I talked for the best part of the two hour flight, we covered a huge array of topics relating to both our businesses, his is public sector finance, nothing I knew much about, nor he mine, Information Technology. It was only when we got on to sport that he was somewhat guarded.

Turns out that Dwight was in fact Dwight L. White of the four-time Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers steel-curtain. I'm not sure if it was to his relief or disappointment when he found out I knew almost nothing about American Football, and had never heard of him, or the "Steel Curtain".

Mostly travelling with the general public is a nightmare, I'm sure they think I'm the same. Travelling with Dwight was a delight, if you ever come across this post, I hope you thought the same!
Tags: life, travel
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