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I travelled yesterday from Austin to the UK.  Besides still being able to get through the TSA security with just my UK drivers license, the weather flying up the east coast of the US to land at JFK, and the take-off from JFK to fly to London was possible some of the worst I've flown in for some time.  We were three hours late getting into JFK, American were at their best as usual.  I'd already missed my UK flight when I got there, not only did they get me on the next flight without complaint, but I got a complimentary upgared to business class.

We were two hours late getting into Heathrow. I made my way down to the luggage hall without any of the queing problems experienced on my last trip and waited. When my case came out it was crushed, and one corner of the hard shell Swiss gear case had been crushed.

I went to see the AA luggage handler, and politely asked what I had to do to report a broken case. The guy came out, took a look at my case and offered to replace it with another hardshell, different make and slightly bigger, but certainly more robust. A quick form to fill in and in 5-minutes I wa son my way, shocked at the ease and simplicity.

Over at Hertz I expected to find my #1 Club Reservation cancelled as my flight was late, but no! There it was in bay-19, a dark grey Volvo SE Estate, leather seats, automatic etc. At the normal contract rate of £25 per day, being a frequent flyer has its benefits. Hi ho...
Tags: life, travel, tsa
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