The Internet - its' own worst enemy ?

Given the rise in spam, e-mail spoofing, viruses such as MyDoom etc. the Internet and its' e-mail servers are now a bigger problem than the viruses and spoofed e-mail it carries.

Having lost access to my e-mail for little over 24-hours, when I got started again earlier today I was swamped with over 150 e-mails similar to the attached. I of course hadn't sent e-mail to any of these people, yet their e-mail servers had sent back an e-mail, which itself contained a virus payload to tell me the e-mail wasn't valid, had a full inbox or various other things, some even sent an e-mail to tell me to tell me "my" e-mail contained a virus, to prove it they attached the virus!

Isn't it about time we just had the servers turn off this notification option ? Do you really care now if someones mailbox is full or if their e-mail address has gone west ?
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